Long-Wear Perfect Finish Foundation SPF15


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Product Information
Perfect Finish Foundations: These foundations provide long-lasting coverage without weighing down your skin. Natural Finish Foundations: Soft, light, and breathable, they offer just the right amount of natural coverage to perfect your skin, without appearing heavy. 24-Hour Natural Perfect Finish Foundation with SPF 15: Carefully crafted to combat signs of aging and maintain a youthful glow.
How To Use
Cheeks: Begin by applying four small dabs of foundation to the center of your cheeks. These dots should be evenly spaced and positioned where the apples of your cheeks naturally sit when you smile.
Forehead: Next, place another dab of foundation in the low center of your forehead. This area is typically just above your eyebrows and slightly below your hairline.
Chin: Finally, apply the last dab of foundation to the center of your chin. This helps create an even base and ensures coverage across your entire face.
Blending: To achieve a seamless look, blend the foundation downward along the underside of your jawline and onto the top of your neck. This ensures that there are no visible lines or demarcations.
Key Details
-SPF 15
-Water Proof
-Full Coverage

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D05, D15, L15, L25, M25, M55


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